Dallas Austin Distribution

The internet is full of distributors, giving artists more choice. Why is Dallas Austin entering the fray? He sees a real need to provide more than just a service. He has been there as both an artist and producer and knows what it will take. He knows the industry from the outside in and can take the right artists to the next level with his reach and influence as a distributor.

Not only is Dallas a professional with an unparalleled track record at finding and developing talent, he is a clear music lover who is a game-changer in the industry. With Dallas, the sky is the limit! He began with a genre-free label back in 1992 and now it’s the evolution of the digital age.

Dallas Austin Distribution… adding fuel to artists.

Passionate About Music

You are the present and future of the music industry. We get you the exposure you need by distributing your music to all major digital music services.